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A Uniquely Different Publishing Company

Novel2Go Publishing is a company that wears many hats. As our motto states, we are a “uniquely different” publishing company. This means that although books are our main focus, we have also expanded into a production company that encompasses literature as well as the performing arts.  

 Novel2go Publishing was started in January 2001 by author Karoline Bethea-Jones. Since then we have published three of Karoline’s titles (Someone to Love;Fragile Heart; and Women on the Edge) along with various poetry books by other budding authors.

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Production History

Women on the Edge  | Open: 05/20/11 Close: 05/21/11

Women on the Edge is a dramatic stage play, depicting the lives of 10 women who find themselves on the brink of self-actualization concerning their past or present relationships. Weaving together distinct tales for each woman, the play opens with four young women discussing their emotions as they reminisce about love lost and ends with all the women finding fulfillment when they come to the aid of a troubled Sara.

What lies between is the sharing of stories about being on the verge of a breakthrough or a breakdown, expressed through monologue, prose, poetry, song and interpretive dance. Women on the Edge is a strikingly vivid reminder that before you can have a loving relationship with someone else, you must first form a loving relationship with your inner and spiritual self.  

Uplifting and poignant, this play goes back to the basics and shows how the bonding of women - young and old - is as crucial to development as air, food and water. Women on the Edge breathes life into the notion that united we stand, divided we fall.