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Fat Kids On Fire  | Open: 09/17/10 Close: 10/02/10
Written by Bekah Brunstetter


Back at home, Bess is just another angst-ridden teenager trying to fit in.  But this summer, things are going to be different.  Campers and counselors alike are automatically drawn to the new skinny fat girl who's a definite shoo-in for the illustrious title of Camp Princess.  Popularity, power, and self-worth get mixed-up as Bess struggles to find her identity.  Will she return to school a new woman or will her new self fade like this summer?

Colored with sweat stains, stashed sweets, and the awkward innocence of first loves, Fat Kids on Fire is a candid telling of fitting in, living big, and feeling small.


Featuring:   Andrea Ciannavei*, John Early, Megan Linde, Sydney Matthews, Andi Potamkin, Blair Ross*, Nicole Spiezio, Mike Steinmetz & Shane Zeigler.

Production Team: Fernando Contreras, Ian Crawford, T. Rick Hayashi, Jenny Donheiser, Arielle Siegel, Liam Nelligan, Meagan Kensil, Brian Maxsween, Daniel Johnsen & Colby Day.  



Produced by Pipeline Theatre Company, for more information: http://www.pipelinetheatre.org


*Appearing courtesy of Actor's Equity Assocation






Felix & The Diligence  | Open: 09/23/11 Close: 10/08/11
Remember when you were a young, bookish dreamer, growing up during World War II, just waiting for your big chance to fish for cod? Relive that great adventure, with all the love, loss and bright-eyed optimism that it entailed. Fall in love with mermaids, chat with sea monsters, and fight Nazi spies during the greatest play about fishermen in the 1940’s you’ll ever see. 

Felix & The Diligence tells the very funny story of how difficult it is to grow up without losing your sense of wonder and joy in the world around you.


Produced by Burton T. Frey Jr.

With: Willy Appelman, Samuel Chapin, Fernando Contreras, Glenn Apollo Hergenhahn, Nathaniel Katzman, Meagan Kensil, Katelyn Manfre, Brad Mielke, Benj Mirman, Edward Raube-Wilson, Arielle Siegel, Allison Smith, Nicole Spiezio, and Mike Steinmetz

Shakespeare The Dead  | Open: 08/28/10 Close: 09/04/10
Do you love horror films?  Sixteenth-century dramatic literature?  Tragic irony?  ALL OF THE ABOVE?  So do we!

Pipeline Theatre Company presents the world premiere of Shakespeare the Dead-- a funny play about a horror movie.  The first day on the set of Hollywood’s newest film of Macbeth seems promising, with a hot young star as the title role.  The producer publicly vows to cast aside the superstitions commonly associated with Shakespeare's darkest tragedy, but when a mysterious stranger assumes control and changes the project entirely, things get frighteningly out of hand.  

World premiere as part of Theater for the New City's Dream Up Festival!  

Featuring: Willy Appelman, Seth Clayton, Kate Eastman, Jessica Frey, Daniel Johnsen, Alex Mills, Mike Piazza, Mike Steinmetz, & Gil Zabarsky

Production Team: Jenny Donheiser, Steve Girard, David Hoffman, Meagan Kensil, Eric Krueger, Charley Layton, Stiven Luka, Kellie Mecleary, Zealan Salemi, Nicole Spiezio, Eric Southern, Allison Smith & Zachary Zirlin

Written by Alex Mills.  Directed by Tom Costello.  Produced by Pipeline Theatre Company.

Promo videos available: http://www.indiegogo.com/shakespeare-the-dead

 For more information visit: http://www.pipelinetheatre.org

THE GRAY MAN  | Open: 09/24/15 Close: 10/18/15
The Gray Man isn't real. He's a ghost story, a boogeyman mothers make up tales about to keep their children safe. A grieving young man named Simon listens to these bedtime stories outside his apartment window and yearns to leave the city he's so afraid of. But when he meets a little girl with an old soul who speaks of missing children, Simon can't help but feel trapped in his tenement house, where a familiar shadow waits in the darkness.
The Caucasian Chalk Circle  | Open: 03/05/11 Close: 03/19/11

Set and Lighting by Eric Southern

Costumes by Katja Andreiev

Choreography by Alison Beatty  

In the chaos of revolution, a kitchen maid rescues an abandoned child of royal blood and protects him against all odds. Two years later, order restored, the child’s biological mother returns to reclaim him. Their case is heard by the judge–a drunk and a ruffian with a weakness for lopsided justice. Who will win the child?

 In this modern morality masterpiece, here brought to life with an original score, we see Brecht examine the perils–and necessity–of human goodness.  

Featuring:  Sam Dash, John Early, Matthew Hanson, Gleen Hergenhahn, Maura Hooper, Daniel Johnsen, Jacquelyn Landgraf, Charley Layton, Vladimir Margolin, Sydney Matthews, Brian Maxsween, Joyce Miller, Alex Mills, Ronald Peet, Michael R. Piazza, Marek Sapieyevski, Chloé Wepper and Gil Zabarsky


Presented by Pipeline Theatre Company