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Viewer Discretion Advised  | Open: 09/09/10 Close: 10/02/10

What makes men do the things they do? Why do women so often end up as collateral damage in their struggle to prove their manhood? The Wreckless Stage Company presents the world premiere of Viewer Discretion Advised, a contemporary psychological thriller which tackles these questions.In this startling contemporary drama,a seemingly casual encounter between strangers Norm and Bud slowly reveals a menacingly dangerous play for power and ruthless competition for Norm’s girlfriend Anne. Playwright Ed Stevens explores what happens when "men behaving badly" spirals out of control, forcing the characters to confront how far they will go to prove themselves to one another.


Director Cynthia Dillon states, "Viewer Discretion Advised is in the tradition of plays that have explored male aggressiveness coupled with sexual insecurity and the lengths to which men can be driven by these forces. For instance, we can see this in some of the plays of Shepard, Mamet or LaBute. In the play, humor often masks an underlying menace, lies and evasions are revealed and a Pinteresque use of language as a weapon builds. Viewer Discretion Advised’s power lies not only in its ability to shock, but also in the disturbingly familiar nature of the characters, which in spite of their extreme behavior, are not unlike ourselves. Its content is both raw and complex, and will linger in the minds and hearts of the audience long after they leave the theatre.”