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On your marks, get set, dance!  | Open: 09/12/10 Close: 09/12/10
An innovative interactive dance show where you get to be the artistic director too. Half choreographed, half improvised, the dynamic show facilitates creative interaction between the audience and a gifted cast of international artists with training in multiple dance/theater techniques: Jazz; Modern; Bellydance; Hip Hop; African; DeRose Method; Mime; Comedy; Wushu and more.

In the first half of the show, each dancer will present a piece in the dance style they normally work within. They are invited to work with one of the three themes: “Warrior”, “City”, “Woman”, or a combination of the above.

The second part of the show is interactive; the audience is invited to submit themes (characters, emotions, animals, gestures, etc.) and to give their iPods with the music they'd like to go with that them to the sound tech. The performers will then improvise on these themes.