The Burkinis

Todays Date: 06/28/22
Last Update: 08/10/10 11:45:39 AM
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A corpulent, full-bodied sketch comedy hybrid where Middle East meets West in the great Amerabic Compromise.  It starts with the fresh aroma of “What’s that smell?” and a bouquet of “That’s not really funny at all!” but finishes with a laser like wit that will cut a swath of a smile across the face and an austere sarcasm that will definitely leave you with a rough, raspy feeling.  So bring a cushion or you’ll laugh your ass off.  Sorry, that was crass.  Our fault!  We apologize!  You’re welcome!

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The Burkinis  | Open: 08/14/10 Close: 08/28/10
Witness as young, 21+, id’s checked, scantily clad men and women cheer themselves towards assimilation, have full plastic plastic surgery, marry their own brothers, straighten out, have their first and last periods, become implanted with I.E.i.u.Ds and run the road towards destruction of the entire human species through fornication.  Join them and orgasm your way onward to the next world in the name of the funny, the sun and somebody else.  *insert bed-oh-whine war cry here.