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Open Heart  | Open: 08/19/10 Close: 08/29/10
open heart explores what life is like in a gay relationship that allows for outside sexual partners.  He does this through the actual words of men who shared their personal stories and thoughts on monogamy, fidelity, sex, and open relationships.

open heart wrestles with questions and assumptions about how our society uses words like “monogamy” and “fidelity” to attach value to the myriad relationship structures in existence.  Actual individuals weigh in on these topics, and their spoken words capture something unique and idiosyncratic, ultimately speaking for more than just the gay men represented in this play.

Thirteen couples representing a range of ages and experiences were interviewed, first as a pair and then as individuals.  The interviews were recorded and then transcribed.  Of the 27 individuals interviewed, 15 have emerged as voices in the performance script.  Five actors will perform these 15 real people, using the verbatim interview transcripts and the recordings to create their interpretations.  “We’ve left the stutters, pauses, and ‘uhms’ in the transcriptions and in the performance,” says playwright Joe Salvatore, “as those moments can be the most revealing about how a person feels about the topic at hand.  The stories that people shared ranged from shocking to hilarious to utterly heartfelt, and we’ve worked hard to capture all of those feelings in this play.”

 The show features Chris Bresky, Stephen Donovan, Daryl Embry, Nick Lewis, and Karl O’Brian Williams. The production features designs by Emily Stork (lights), Blake McCarty (sound and projections), and Márion Talán (costumes).  Allyn Bard Rathus serves as the company manager, Robert Keith stage manages, and Sharon Counts assistant directs. Salvatore returns to the New York International Fringe Festival after his play IIIreceived the Fringe’s Overall Excellence Award for Outstanding Play in 2008.  That play will be published in Best American Short Plays 2008-2009, set for release in Fall 2010.