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Comedie Of Errors  | Open: 07/30/10 Close: 08/15/10
July 30-August 15, 2010

At McCarren, Riverside and Central Parks (see dates/times/directions below) 


Half the time! Half the text! Double the girls! Double the fun!

New Lions Productions presents a “Comedie of Errors” for your kind of summer afternoon: fast, furious and FREE. No lines, no outrageous ticket prices, just some fun in the sun to get your Shakespeare fix and still make it to the bar in time for happy hour. It’s a gender-flip production of mistaken identity, long-lost twins and finding the “F” in “BFF,” with the ladies running the show and the men running after them. We’re invading McCarren, Riverside and Central Parks so grab your friends and a blanket for sword fights, drinking songs, frivolous dancing, girls behaving boldly (and sometimes badly), and a bit with a dog. In one action-packed hour of iambic pentameter, it’s the perfect quick culture fix between your mimosas and martinis. 
*Comedie of Errors is a show for the whole family! You can see the show and make happy hour OR naptime, whichever the law permits.
Adapted and directed by Lauren Keating
Tina Diaz as Antiphala of Syracuse
Claire Morrison as Dromia of Syracuse
Nadia Hulett as Antiphala of Ephesus
and Joyce Miller as Dromia of Ephesus
Matt Lents as Luciano and the Duke
Anna Marquardt as the Goldsmith and Pinch
Meghan Powe as Aemilia
Chris Stahl as Egeon
and Shane Zeigler as Adriano