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Bringing a slice of Beijing to the Big Apple. AG Theatrical Productions presents original works by expats living in China.

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Peking Roulette  | Open: 07/15/10 Close: 07/31/10
 The Beijing Olympics are over, but this intercultural May-December faux-mance has only just begun. Her desire for a child and his desire for her finds them pitted against fate in a game of chance. Each roll of the dice puts them face to face with questions of love, cultural morés, family, freedom, and sex. Peking Roulette is a quirky look at life (and love) for an aging expat in Beijing.


Jim Williams as TOM
Kristen Hung as JESSICA

Directed and Produced by Anna Grace

Written by Ben Thompson
Original score by Michelangelo Sosnowitz
Production Stage Manager, Kelly Vieau
Assistant Stage Manager/Tech, Chad Helmer