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Snorks and Piñs was founded to create a community of support for theater artists.  Making theater should be fun, creative, spontaneous, adventurous and relevant.  We, as the artists, are fulfilling a crucial role in our society and should feel good about the sacrifices we have made to fill that role.  Our philosophy is that by nurturing emerging artists by building a safe and supportive community and by giving them opportunities to present their work, Snorks and Piñs will not only produce wonderful and innovative theatrical experiences for their audiences but also contribute to the New York theater scene by helping young artist to get their start.

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Production History

As You Like It  | Open: 07/22/10 Close: 08/01/10
Come join Snorks and Piñs productions as we follow Shakespeare’s most delightful characters as they escape, either by force or by choice, into the forest of Arden. Usurping younger brothers and oddly hateful older ones can’t stop these joyful characters from their witty word play or from falling in love, no matter who they try to kill! Come see Shakespeare’s delightful comedy, a night of theater exactly “As You Like It”.