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ONEtime Productions is a company founded by performers for performers, which focuses on performance driven material. 

The phrase ONEtime refers to that ONE TIME a specific audience and the peformers actually get to connect in the world that is live theater, and we approach all of our projects with the immediacy which demands it. 

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Production History

Hunter Gatherers  | Open: 07/20/10 Close: 08/12/10
Pam and Richard are hosting their best friends, Wendy and Tom, for their annual dinner get-together. An animal sacrifice kicks off the evening, followed by a little more sex, violence, deception, revelations, wrestling and dancing than previous years. A darkly comic evening where the line between civilized and primal man is blurred. The Los Angeles Times referred to Nachtrieb's as "sharply crafted dialogue" that " follows in Edward Albee's footsteps, peeling away layers of well-mannerred repression and hyprocisy as the foursome succumb to their basest impulses."