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Feminea -- White Frame  | Open: 07/08/10 Close: 07/10/10
Theaterlab presents the U.S. premiere of Rome-based theatrical group Teatro Deluxe.

Conceived for these New York dates, FEMINEA – WHITE FRAME is a performative project, a multimedia study that relates a live performance with pre-existing video (produced by Teatro Deluxe in 2009) named FEMINEA – FIRST ANIMATION. The inspiration for this work comes from the first phase of the FEMINEA project (the video itself and photographic series that gave origin to it) and the discussions it stimulated, even beyond the authorial intentions.  FEMINEA – WHITE FRAME offers a study of the relationship among different media (video-photo-body) and an invitation to ponder the identity of the contemporary body.

The first frame, then, is white. It’s tabula rasa like the mind of a newborn, a new life that has nothing but instinct, which is essential to the body to overcome its limitations. The beginning of life is characterized by unconscious gesture; this project transports the audience to that part of their own lives that they don’t remember, characterized as collective non-memory, although the body of each of us retains memory, more or less. FEMINEA – WHITE FRAME queries the body of a newborn, trying to re-locate the sense and the route to reach the self-consciousness. It is, therefore, a search as well as an attempt to analyze the way in which the living being becomes conscious of existing.

FEMINEA – WHITE FRAME was conceived by Claudio Oliva and Vera Michela Suprani and features Vera Michela Suprani and musician Alessandro Oliva under the direction of Claudio Oliva.