The Fugitive Kind

Todays Date: 06/28/22
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The new production company, The Fugitive Kind, produces and creates theatre that focuses on the narrative of people who have never felt comfortable in their own skin.  Following the ideologies of Tennessee Williams, the company is a non-profit that seeks to take socially progressive theatre to the next level by partnering with local charities and organizations to help promote the causes they are focusing on. 

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Production History

Gay Blues  | Open: 07/02/10 Close: 07/05/10
Gay Blues is one man’s cantata about gay marriage.  Gay MarriageWhat the hell is gay marriage? Have you ever heard it called white people marriage? Or diabetic marriage? Or microbrew enthusiast marriage? Why the modifier? There’s something about the word gay in front of the word marriage that gets people mad.  Well, Matt Cleaver is mad too; mad that getting “gay married” is illegal.  He’s looking to change all that, nothing gives people that get up and go like wailing the blues. Gay Blues. Come get f***ing pissed.


“A brawl broke out in our constitutional congress, resulting in one of history's greatest declarations about equality and human rights,” Barrow Street Theatre producer Scott Morfee said. “This is why we celebrate the 4th of July – equal rights for all.  Gay Blues is not afraid to brawl, but through song and story, it eloquently reminds us that there is no such thing as gay rights...that was all figured out in 1776. Wasn't it?”