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Feeling Sorry For Roman Polanksi  | Open: 06/07/10 Close: 06/08/10
Singing telegram delivery man Bink Waverly and his wife Myrna are two people trapped on a treadmill of lower middle class existence when the question of forgiveness knocks them off. A freakish accident at Bink's "fun job" turns their world upside down and forces them to question what they hold most dear. As Bink and Myrna struggle to save their marriage and stave off financial ruin, the film director Roman Polanski becomes a focal-point for them in understanding their lives. A comic tragedy that is starkly poignant while reminiscent of classics like Laurel & Hardy and The Honeymooners, feeling sorry for roman POLANSKI is a visceral, contemporary work.

 This summer, TACO Dog Productions and Sideway Theater Company are joining forces to present feeling sorry for roman POLANSKI at Theatre Asylum, part of the inaugural Hollywood Fringe 2010.

New York previews of feeling sorry for roman POLANSKI are June 7th & 8th at the Thirteenth Street Repertory Theater.

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