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Steppingstone Theatre Company (SSTC) was founded in the ensemble tradition.  Built on the efforts of a collective of talented and passionate artists, SSTC seeks to bring an innovative and unique perspective to theatre in the new millennium. To accomplish this, the Ensemble seeks to:

  • Collaborate with established  and emerging playwrights to present and develop works that  are steeped  in universal themes that speak to the strength of the human condition and cut across the  multi-cultural  landscape;
  • Enhance and enrich the various communities’ desperate need for artistic growth by creating a forum where artists and their audiences can vigorously unearth that which only theatre is able to shed its light of artistic truth and significance upon;
  • Create an affordable and quality institution of theatre where active learning, life lessons, and literacy can be focused and taught through the prism of the performing arts.

It is SSTC’s belief that for quality theatre to survive, the efforts of a dedicated and precision oriented ensemble of artists must help to nurture the seeds of creativity that lie within the minds and hearts of our youth. Only through both the learning and performance of the craft can this legacy be passed on and upheld, thereby, sustaining theatre of excellence for generations to come. SSTC's mission will ensure that Steppingstone’s place and purpose is secure in the new millennium.

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Reflections Of A Heart  | Open: 06/11/10 Close: 06/27/10
Between the Scottsboro Boys and Rosa Parks, there was Isaac Woodard, Jr. Filled with humor and heartbreak, REFLECTIONS OF A HEART is based on true events in America's history that were almost lost in time. Set between 1946 and 1951, the play takes place in the Bronx and South Carolina. Shifting between times, African-American WWII veteran Isaac Woodard, Jr. finds himself under siege by hard-hearted detectives, social injustices, racial prejudices, and his own missing memories. America welcomes back its native son, as a highly decorated war hero, with plans of starting a family. Things go horribly awry when he begins traversing his past and present. The fight for his country is over, as the fight for his life begins.

In February 1946, Sergeant Isaac Woodard, Jr. (1919-1992) was beaten by police in Batesburg, South Carolina, following an innocuous incident on a Greyhound bus. Blinded during the assault, Woodard became the first national symbol in the fight against racial injustice, and garnered support from the likes of President Harry S. Truman, Lena Horne, Harry Belafonte, Orson Welles, and the NAACP. Although Woodard's story is nearly forgotten today, he inspired folk singer/songwriter Woody Guthrie to write the deeply moving ballad "The Blinding of Isaac Woodard," using some of Mr. Woodard's own words: " It's now you've heard my story, there's one thing I can't see. How you could treat a human like they have treated me?" This thrilling American story might have been lost, had it not been for a chance meeting between Roberts and the son of Isaac Woodard Jr.

The ensemble cast of REFLECTIONS OF A HEART includes Mary Ruth Baggot, Reginald L. Barnes, Gail Merzer Behrens, Chanel Carroll, Mark Ellmore, Kevin Green, Gillian Glasco, Jim Heaphy, Heather Massie, Jonathan Miles, Robert Spence, Michael Vincent, and David Wirth.

REFLECTIONS OF A HEART features set design by Jito Lee; costume design by Sarah Cubbage; lighting design by Kayla Globe; and sound design by David Lawson.