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I Lost My Heart In Haiti  | Open: 05/30/10 Close: 08/15/10

One woman’s struggle to rebuild her heart while America helps to rebuild her country. Harlem Creations will present I Lost My Heart In Haiti. A drama about the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti and the lives it changed. Friends and family come together to learn about the pride and love of the Haitian community. A drama about a woman struggling with hope of finding her family after the horrible earthquake hit her homeland, Port au Prince. Are they alive or should she move on? As she blames herself, God and every one else for her grief, her friends and family come together to show support and love. "Johanne, friendship has no race, when you hurt we hurt." Her friends refuse to let her separate them by race. Family and friends stand strong as her faith falls short. "But Johanne our history shows our strength and faith. We are strong people with hope and faith, let's not forget this. Why change that now." Laughing on the out side but yet still crying, will she manage to convince her friends that she is managing. As love pours from all directions, she becomes confused when her emotions go up and down like a roller coaster. This earthquake turns Johanne’s world into a twister. Can she rebuild her heart while America helps to rebuild her Country? 

Written by Michelle Anglin. Directed by Anngeannette Pinkston. This play was written while watching the horrible after affects of the earthquake that hit Port au Prince on January 12, 2010. Harlem Creations is happy to support Haiti by donating 10% of proceeds from every showing to Haiti. This play has been performed at The National Black Theatre, twice this spring. It was a success. We intend to keep it going and keep the donations going as well.