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Josh Fox founded International WOW Company in 1996, a theater group with membership of over 100 actors, dancers, musicians, technical and visual artists spanning 30 countries on 4 continents. With International WOW Company he has conceived, written, directed and/or produced over 30 productions in Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Japan and New York City. These productions include Surrender, You Belong To Me, Death of Nations Part V, Heimwehen, Limitless Joy, The Expense of Spirit, Death of Nations, parts 1-4 and The Trailer, Orphan On God’s Highway, The BOMB, HyperReal America (Time Out NY Top Ten Shows of 2001), Soon My Work, This is Not the Ramakian, The Sleeping and the Dead, Stairway to the Stars, and American Interference (Village Voice Best in the Fringe Festival). TimeOut NY called him “one of downtown’s most audacious auteurs,” citing his “brilliantly resourceful mastery of stagecraft.” His extensive work in Asia includes several productions at Tokyo’s Setagaya Public Theater, The New National Theater of Japan, The Cultural Center of the Philippines and at theaters throughout Thailand.

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Reconstruction  | Open: 05/06/10 Close: 05/23/10
Reconstruction memorializes the Ohio Theatre’s pending closure in August, focusing on the current foreclosure crisis in both the housing and cultural spheres. The production highlights the debacle facing the Ohio Theatre and many of New York’s most valued cultural institutions, featuring scene after scene about foreclosure, including one in which a theater company performing The Cherry Orchard is kicked out of its theatrical home. 

Like Surrender, the company’s first interactive theatrical drama, which dealt with the Iraq War and veterans’ issues, Reconstruction will be an audience-immersive and issue-oriented drama focusing on both the current foreclosure crisis and the burgeoning “Green Building” movement that addresses our worldwide energy/environment problem. As the audiences of Surrender were taught combat techniques and deployed into a war simulation, in Reconstruction the audience will be trained in carpentry, construction, green technology and sustainable building techniques, and work alongside the cast of green building professionals and actors as they construct an actual building during the performance. Built in a modular fashion over the course of the performance run, the completed building will ultimately be handed over to the community that built it. 

Reconstruction is Josh Fox and the company’s first production since winning the 2010 Sundance Special Jury Prize for Gasland, the company’s second feature film. The film also won jury prizes at the Sarasota International Film Fest, the Yale Environmental Film Fest and the Big Sky Film Fest. Gasland premieres June 21st on HBO. 

Josh Fox and International WOW, renowned for audience immersion -- in which spectators become a part of the show, reading lines and moving through the space -- and their physical, explosively visual, epic style, create a theatrical spectacle like never before. With an international cast from the United States, Canada, Scotland, Japan, Australia, Spain and the Philippines, Reconstruction promises to be a moving international exploration of gripping immediacy. Reconstruction was developed at the 2009 Ice Factory Festival, presented by Soho Think Tank. 

Described by The New York Times as “one of the most adventurous impresarios of the New York avant-garde,” Josh Fox directs an ensemble of long-time WOW Company members, led by Lee Gundersheimer, Tommy McGinn, Deborah Wallace, Herbie Go, Evan True, Sara Gozalo, Melissa Chambers, Robert Saietta and 15 additional performer/dancers.