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Cake Productions aims to bring high-quality theatre to off-off-Broadway. We want to produce work that the general public can appreciate, might be unfamiliar with, and that has cultural significance to modern, urban audiences. In addition to more seasoned, customary theatregoers, we hope to attract a youthful audience that might have less exposure to standard theatrical conventions by putting on work that is thought-provoking and edgy while still commercially appealing.

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Psych  | Open: 05/06/10 Close: 05/22/10
Sunny and Molly have been friends since college, so when Molly needs a place to stay while she looks for an apartment in New York, Sunny gladly obliges.  Sunny neglects to mention, however, that she's putting herself through clinical psychology school by moonlighting as a dominatrix.  This peculiar part-time job proves to be the least of Sunny's troubles, as both women soon discover how difficult it is to tell the truth from the subjective.

This show will explore the consequences of living in this media-saturated age, with words being shaped and re-shaped to mean whatever is most sensational or least damning.  Psych sheds light on how easily we can all be misinterpreted and suggests that we may need a new paradigm for distinguishing facts from fiction.  At a time when photos can be shopped and tape edited together, the most reliable judgment might be that of the individual over the consensus.