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 Teatromania is a not-for-profit organization directed by its founder Vittorio Capotorto. Since its foundation in 1999, Teatromania has staged shows from both the traditional Italian literature and the most promising contemporary playwrights in New York and Italy. For more information, visit www.teatromania.org.

Schedule of Upcoming Productions

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Production History

Weekend With A Killer  | Open: 04/03/10 Close: 04/18/10
Teatromania presents the world premiere of Weekend with a Killer, a romantic comedy with a dash of a Dame Agatha Christie crime novel.  The two main characters He and She are from two very different stations of society. When they meet at the crossroads of life, each is faced with a decision that will irrevocably determine their futures.


 The production stars Deirdre Brennan, Lucio Polosa and Louise Rheas.  The production team includes Ron McIntyre (production coordinator, sound design and music arrangement),  David Ogle (set and lighting design), and Bonnie Hilton (stage manager).