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HUDSON GUILD THEATRE COMPANY serves a community of more than 5000 low-income residents of diverse cultural backgrounds and their youth in neighborhood schools. The Company is committed to theatre as a timeless art form which educates and bridges ages, ethnicities and religions -- stirring everyone to empathy, or laughter, and hope. Led by professional theatre artists, the Company includes local residents in many aspects of production. HGTC’s outreach programs empower children and youth to explore role options and positive life choices.

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The Ring  | Open: 03/19/10 Close: 03/28/10
Telescoping Wagner’s 15 hour epic opera The Ring of the Nibelung into a 90 minute play suitable for all ages is just the kind of challenge which Hudson Guild Theatre Company (HGTC) has eagerly embraced since it was formed in 1994.

Since 1895,  Hudson Guild -- Chelsea’s foremost community center --  has offered a wide variety of arts programs which enrich the cultural awareness of those who come from disadvantaged circumstances.  Hudson Guild Theatre Company was created to provide the local community with greater access to live performance in the Guild’s well-known, intimate theatre space.   For the past 16 years, HGTC has produced many plays with big casts and even bigger themes and ideas.  The Company brings together people of diverse ages and backgrounds to work closely together on challenging, unfamiliar and thought-provoking projects.

The company of 25 who’ve been working on The Ring since last November – ranging in age from 9 to 75 – have passionately embraced its complex mythological story along with the ravishing orchestral excerpts from Wagner’s score which are used as transition and background music throughout the play.    Compressing over 15 hours of action in the opera into a play running less than 2 hours has resulted in a fleet, wild, action-packed journey into the bizarre, mysterious world of gods and monsters which sprang from Wagner’s singular imagination.  This is the perfect introduction to Wagner’s daunting masterpiece for anyone whose curiosity has been piqued by the constant flow of cultural references to it, but who hasn’t yet found the time to devote two full working days to experiencing it in its entirety.