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Pinchbottom is where burlesque meets theater, buys it a drink and takes it to bed. The brainchild of Nasty Canasta & Jonny Porkpie (who should probably not be described at the Lunt-Fontannes of the New York Burlesque scene, although they do perform together with alarming frequency), Pinchbottom recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of its first burlesque event. Named the "Best Burlesque in NY" by New York Magazine and called "The Best Burlesque Show in Town" by The Village Voice, Pinchbottom is the winner of the first-ever "Most Innovative" award from The Burlesque Hall of Fame. "Daring, funny, imaginative, and titillating to all tastes" - The Sunday Telegraph (UK) "Comedy and partial nudity go remarkably well together. Where else can you hoot, whistle, and bust a gut laughing?" -NY; "Hilarious burlesque" -Next Magazine; "Your perverted genre fantasies have come shimmying to life" -Time Out New York

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Naked Girls Reading Tween Lit  | Open: 04/02/10 Close: 04/02/10
Are you confused by the strange changes happening to your body? Do you hate your parents and the popular kids? Does it sometimes seem like no one really gets you? You don't have to feel so alone any more: on Friday, April 2nd, Pinchbottom Burlesque presents NAKED GIRLS READING Tween Lit.  And the Naked Girls totally understand you.
Dive into the angst-ridden classics of early adolescence with Nasty Canasta and an all-star cast of burlesque performers, as the Naked Girls share favorites from their own preteen years - Judy Blume, Carolyn Keene, R.L. Stein and more - as well as contemporary masterpieces of prepubescent literature such as Twilight and Harry Potter.  "Whether it's making the cheer squad, solving the mystery of the haunted farm, or fighting an evil wizard bent on the total subjugation of humanity, the tween years are full of problems that can seem insurmountable," says Pinchbottom co-producer Jonny Porkpie. "It's comforting to know that we can turn to books for so many of the answers to the questions of youth." 

The April salon continues the run of Naked Girls Reading at the plush and decadent upstairs lounge at Madame X in Greenwich Village.


**Not suitable for children**

Naked Guys Reading Great Women Writers  | Open: 06/11/10 Close: 06/11/10
When Marguerite Duras said "Men like women who write. Even if they don't say so," she didn't count on the men of Naked Girls Reading.  On Friday June 11, for the first time ever, the works of great female writers take center stage at Naked Girls Reading NYC ... even as the women readers step off it.

"But how," it has been asked, "can boys star in Naked Girls Reading?" Because in June, Naked Girls Reading NYC bends genders to become Naked GUYS Reading, as Pinchbottom puts a new twist on the international hit nude literary salon.  Top male stars in New York burlesque and alternative performance take the NGR stage for a special celebration of the works of Great Women Writers - scheduled to include Dorothy Parker, Penny Arcade, Anaïs Nin, Virginia Woolf, Mary Shelly, Sylvia Plath, and more. 

"Rest assured, this will be exactly the same sultry literary experience audiences enjoy at NGR NYC each and every month," says co-producer Nasty Canasta, "but for one month only, the 'G' stands for 'Guys.'"  Albert Cadabra, Mancandy, Tigger! and Machine Dazzle join host Jonny Porkpie in a salute to literary ladies at Naked Guys Reading Great Women Writers, a very special edition of Naked Girls Reading NYC at Madame X for one night only, Friday June 11 at 8pm.


The Last Burlesque Show In The World  | Open: 07/10/10 Close: 07/24/10
On the precipice of time, the ragged edge of existence itself, one painted gasp before an unceasing void envelops the final fragment of reality: A single beautiful moment remains, forestalling oblivion, in which a forgotten god -- trapped forever in the crumbling stone of a sculptors’ misconception -- obviates his own extinction with the only art eternity cannot bear to destroy...

No, seriously. Artistic striptease confounds oblivion.
Welcome, friends, to THE LAST BURLESQUE SHOW IN THE WORLD, Pinchbottom’s first all-new piece of 2010. For over five years, Pinchbottom has brought a unique theatricality to burlesque, linking together striptease numbers by top performers with a comedic scripted narrative. With this show, it turns the tables on this formula and incorporates burlesque into a theatrical extravaganza. Inspired by the amalgam performance style of works like Julie Atlas Muz’s “I Am The Moon...” and Taylor Mac’s “The Lily’s Revenge”, THE LAST BURLESQUE SHOW IN THE WORLD seeks to not only transverse but obliterate the conceptual boundaries which separate legit theater and burlesque.
An epic metaphysical journey through the twisted muscle of the human heart, the jagged crevices of the creative mind, the amorphous discord of the libido, and the insouciant profundity of pants-dropping, THE LAST BURLESQUE SHOW IN THE WORLD stars Pinchbottom co-creator Jonny Porkpie, featuring Clams Casino, Jo Boobs, Legs Malone, Naughtia Nice, and Mat “Sealboy” Fraser, with special guest stars Amber Ray, Gal Friday, Harvest Moon, Julie Atlas Muz, Peekaboo Pointe, Sapphire Jones, Tigger!, and more. It is—more literally than one can possibly convey in the ambiguous tumult of language—the ultimate Pinchbottom show.
For this event, Pinchbottom returns to Performance Space 122 as part of the undergroundzero festival, one of the last productions in the space before it closes down. 
But even with this new direction, Pinchbottom’s trademark humor will still be a part of the show—right? “No,” says Porkpie, his face a rigid mask of magniloquent contempt. “This is a deep and serious theatrical event. Anyone evincing a modicum of amusement during the performance will be asked to leave immediately.” He then threw his cloak over his shoulder and strode away in search of beignet.
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