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Prep.  | Open: 03/18/10 Close: 03/20/10
Set in 2066, Prep.tells the story of the children of the elite: how society has programmed them to treat each other, and what happens to the parts of themselves they must make disappear. Inspired by abstracted themes from Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and taking stylistic hints from “Gossip Girl,” Prep.asks the audience to watch its characters attempt survival despite the outrageous expectations set for them. In a “breeders-only” world where the rules of sexual identity are imposed and inflexible, political war games recruit young, and childhood friends are quickly pitted against one another....

come study with us.


Liz Alderfer

Jessie Barr*

Laurence Freeman

Rafael Goldstein

Hadley Hege

Hana Kalinski

Sarah Todes


*appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

an Equity Approved Showcase


stage management by Jenn Tash

sound design and original music by Corey Michener

costume design by Laura Helmer

lighting design by Vadim Ledvin

costume design by Laura Helmer