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A Christmas Carol  | Open: 12/12/09 Close: 12/20/09

Review: Joy, passion, humor mark play

By Sue Russell

Fri Dec 18, 2009, 05:17 AM EST

Lexington - What a treat! This production of “A Christmas Carol,” performed by The Lexington Players YOUTHStage at Lexington’s Hancock Church, was a joy to watch from beginning to end.

The acting of both adults and children was faultless — lines delivered not just with passion and humor but in a way that suggested that everyone onstage was really enjoying themselves.

What can I say about the principal characters? Brilliant — as were all the supporting cast. Everybody brought something special to their performance and it made for a mesmerizing piece of theater. I would challenge anybody to sit through the one and a half hours with dry eyes — the soul-searching of Scrooge (played by Mark Jefferys) and the adorable charm of characters like Tiny Tim (Michael Wiesen) who only had to look out at the audience and you could almost feel hearts around you melting.

Every character seemed to find their forte — I loved the compassion and gentleness of the Spirit of Christmas Past (played by Susan Alyn), the wackiness and eccentricity of Jacob Marley’s ghost and Christmas Present (played by John Royer), and the all pervading sense of doom and gloom that surrounded Christmas Future (Jeff DeRose).

Scrooge was totally believable and kept the audience with him throughout his journey of self-discovery; the child actors who played adults seemed to have no difficulty translating their youth in to the maturity their roles demanded — their performances were dignified and totally convincing; and all the “children” combined confidence with tremendous fun.

The singing was beautiful and all the technical effects — lighting and background music — worked like a dream, along with some very proficient scene changing. All in all, a great team effort; you really felt everybody had pulled together to pull this off — and that they did.

I sat totally entertained throughout — and that is saying something!

Congrats to director and set designer Jenn Shea, producer Sal Jones, associate producer Linda Husselbee and technical director Mario Salinas. The entire student and adult cast list of more than 30 actors can be viewed at http://www.lexingtonplayers.blogspot.com.

As a Londoner, I had one momentary qualm, right at the end when Tiny Tim said “And God bless …” — I was sure he was going to say “America.”

Fortunately my fears were misplaced and Victorian England survived!

Thank you everyone for a wonderful experience. I would say to anyone who hasn’t gone, go. Don’t miss this piece of Dickensian magic.

Sue Russell is a playwright and lives on White Terrace.