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 The core mission of Organic Humanity initiative is to help small charities that work with children and abused mothers. Organic Humanity has created a prototype website that streamlines online donation giving without going through third party holder. It uses a mesh-up of technologies from PayPal and chip-in. The site acts as a profile directory of small charities and currently we are working with 3 charities as part of our proof of concept. In order to bring attention to these profiles, we'll be organizing various events or co-partnering with other organization to increase awareness of these charities. If you would like to find out more about Organic Humanity and how it aims to helping these charities, please visit the Organic Humanity site at

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Kitchie Nadal - the Unconcert  | Open: 12/18/09 Close: 12/18/09
Organic Humanity Presents...

Kitchie Nadal - the gratitude to fans and friends

Proceeds will go to Little Hands Ministry

$10 suggested donation

What to expect during unconcert? Anything. It will be a chance for fans and friends to ask Kitchie about her latest projects, her trip all over Europe and Middle East and what is coming next. This is also a chance to thank those that helped with the Tao Po? Benefit Concert. 

We will also be taping a video for one of Kitchie's song.