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God Bless You, Mister Scrooge!  | Open: 12/03/09 Close: 12/20/09
Who says all New York theater is leftist?  The world premiere of God Bless You, Mister Scrooge!: A pro-Capitalist Christmas Carol, is an adaptation for the rest of us. Finally, someone has the courage to ask why Scrooge is successful if he’s such a villain. If Bob Cratchit is so abused, why doesn’t he get a different job? And just what is Scrooge supposed to do about Tiny Tim’s crutch anyway?

After a century and a half, Ebenezer Scrooge defends himself against the accusations levied against him by the living and dead alike, and is revealed for the hero he truly is!

“If I could see it, I’m sure I’d love it!”
Ayn R.