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A Midsummer Nights' Dream  | Open: 12/03/09 Close: 01/03/10
A Midsummer Nights’ Dream in Winter? Yes please! In director Katherine M. Carter’s energetic new staging of Shakespeare’s most beloved romantic comedy, follow four young lovers into a colorful and mysterious forest where fairies Titania and Oberon rule, where a band of “rude mechanicals”, led by the hilarious Bottom, rehearse a play and where love is put to the test by the mischievous Puck. In the end, will the lovers end up with their correct mate? Will the mechanicals make it to their performance before the Duke? Is Titania doomed to love an ass? A Midsummer Nights Dream is a non-stop comedy that will warm you up in the cold winter months.

A View From The Bridge  | Open: 09/12/13 Close: 09/21/13
This is Arthur Miller's fiercely compelling drama about love, belonging and betrayal, based on a true Brooklyn "love" story.

A View From The Bridge centers around Eddie Carbone, an Italian-American longshoreman, who lives in Brooklyn with his wife and orphaned teenage niece.

After his two cousins illegally enter the country, love blossoms between the niece and one of them. The obsessive attraction that Eddie feels for his young relative sends him into a jealous rage, climaxing in results that consumes him, his family and his entire world.


Joe Diomede, Rachel Errington, Jeffrey Farber*, Derek Flics, Nathaniel French, Gary Hilborn*, Lorenzo Landini, Ryan McCarthry, Rachel McKeon*, Justin Patrick Mohr, Stephen O'Donnell, Nick Cuttonaro

*Appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association in an Equity approved showcase.

Director - Ryan Lee
Production Stage Manager- Sierra Garland
Lighting Designer- Kia Rogers
Set Design- Kathryn Lieber
Costume Design- Viviane Galloway

THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE  | Open: 07/21/16 Close: 07/31/16
An eclectic group of six-graders arrives at the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, each eager to win for very different reasons!

  • Sweet and shy Olive brings only her best friend (the dictionary) with her to the bee
  • Bold and hyperallergic speller William Barfee uses his “magic foot” to propel him to greatness
  • Former champion Chip is struggling with his burgeoning puberty
  • Easily distracted Leaf is unconvinced that he’s smart enough to be a challenger
  • Overachiever Marcy is disappointed by her consistent success
  • Politically aware Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre only wants to impress her gay dads.

In hilarious, touching, and catchy songs, each speller reveals his/her hopes, struggles, and passions as they make their way through the competition.

The Spelling Bee causes audiences to fall in love, both with the show itself and its “perspicacious,” “jocular,” and “effervescent” spellers.




The Unfringed Festival 2015  | Open: 08/18/15 Close: 08/30/15
Unhinged, unabashed, unbelievable...

UNFringed offers the stage to daring new works from passionate artists who aren't afraid to push the boundaries. Show us your Dada, your pure form; your absurd or your ridiculous; your futurism, surrealism, expressionism, symbolism, whateverism. All kinds of works are accepted, as long as they're unhinged, unabashed, unbelievable, UNFringed.

The Secret Theatre has been Long Island City's home for all things theater, music, opera, improv and dance since 2005. Recently dubbed "One of NYC's best theater spots" by Time Out: New York, the multi-faceted space has garnered a growing reputation thanks to the close-knit community of creators within Long Island City, an area that is quickly becoming a central hub for the arts in all five boroughs.

  • Located on 23rd Street between 44th Road and 44th Avenue
  • Take E, 7, G, M to Court Square or N, Q to Queensboro Plaza
  • Entrance at rear of parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Restrooms in theater and downstairs
  • Concessions available
  • A/C Available

The Underpants Godot by Duncan Pflaster (75 mins)
A director is rehearsing an avant-garde production of "Waiting for Godot" with cute boys in their underpants in the main roles, when a representative from the Samuel Beckett estate comes to try to stop him. A meta-theatrical exploration of the limits of adaptation and interpretation.
Tues 8/18 @ 7pm
Wed 8/19 @ 7pm
Fri 8/28 @ 9pm
Sat 8/29 @ 9pm

How to How! by Casey Buttari (80 mins)
Set in northern New Jersey in 2005, 'How To How!' follows a group of teenage friends as they relentlessly pursue their goals in the face of obstacles such as arrest, injury, and expulsion from school.
Tues 8/18 @ 9pm
Th 8/20 @ 7pm
Sat 8/22 @ 7pm
Sun 8/23 @ 3pm

An Appetizing Yarn by Andrew Martin (90 mins)
Award-winning writer/entertainer Andrew Martin offers this autobiographical tale of his life until age twenty-one, centering on his lifelong love of knitting and needlecrafting, but also touching on his unusual upbringing in Central Queens, surviving sexual molestation, rubbing shoulders with Andy Warhol superstars, and finding himself somewhat of an overnight sensation in the world of cabaret and piano bar. An additional feature of the play is that he knits a woolen hat right in front of the audience's eyes, which at the end of the action is raffled off for one lucky spectator to take home as a door prize.
Wed 8/19 @ 9pm
Fri 8/21 @ 7pm
Sat 8/22 @ 9pm
Sun 8/23 @ 5pm

Inspector Descending by Eddie Aronoff (100 mins)
The Inspector, a detective from Moscow, known for his uncanny ability to elicit confessions, is confronted with a murder case that puts into question the idea that everything he's experienced and known to be true is at the mercy of all he hasn't experienced and doesn't know.
Thurs 8/20 @ 9pm
Fri 8/21 @ 9pm
Sat 8/22 @ 5pm
Sun 8/23 @ 7pm

Intolerant Vaudeville by Samuel Viverito
An Intolerant Vaudeville uses the traditional structure of a vaudeville show to crack open a piñata of bigotry and hatred. Shocking, hilarious and moving in equal parts, An Intolerant Vaudeville will leave the audience gasping from laughter, or possibly from horror.
Tues 8/25 @ 7pm
Th 8/27 @ 7pm
Sat 8/29 @ 5pm
Sun 8/30 @ 7pm

The Toupee by Tom Dunn (75 mins)
The Toupee...a former prostitute gets out of jail early if she agrees to work with a non-profit agency that helps ex-cons transition back into society. All starts well until the young woman discovers her mentor is the widow of the man she was in bed with at the time of his death.
Tues 8/25 @ 9pm
Wed 8/26 @ 7pm
Fri 8/28 @ 7pm
Sun 8/30 @ 3pm

Coffeehouse Magik by Coni Koepfinger (75 mins)
Disillusioned and disgruntled, Professor Howard Suffect plans to stay up all night in his favorite NYU coffeehouse to on his new play until he meets the flamboyant Derrick Wyman who claims to be a dreamweaver. When Wyman offers Howard the chance to read ahead to see his own future, he completely fractures the linear narrative Howard once knew as reality. Coffeehouse Magik is a strange, metaphysical twist on an old 'Carol', yet in this one, no one has to go sleep in order for the dream to begin.
Wed 8/26 @ 9pm
Th 8/27 @ 9pm
Sat 8/29 @ 7pm
Sun 8/30 @ 5pm