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Acting Alone  | Open: 11/05/09 Close: 11/21/09
The true story of Lee Harvey Oswald and the only story of the JFK assassination.

When Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, he was barely 24-years-old. Acting Alone reveals Oswald’s fascinating life, focusing on his peripatetic childhood, defection to the Soviet Union and unraveling marriage to his Russian bride upon their return to the United States. Told Rashomon-style through the eyes of Oswald, his enabling mother Marguerite, brother Robert and wife Marina, the play unveils the dramatic events that led to Oswald’s showdown with history at Dallas’s Dealey Plaza.

Nick Scoullar stars as Lee Harvey Oswald. Rounding out the cast are Stephen Graham as his brother Robert, Vivian Neuwirth as his mother Marguerite, and Monika Hunken as his wife Marina.

Sound Design: Noah Aronson
Production Stage Manager: Michelle Beige