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Todays Date: 06/29/22
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 La Familia is a theatre run by Juan Shamsul Alam, Ana Reynoso and Angel Caban. our mission is to nurish new actors, playwrights. we have recieved the bronx 52 tias award for drama for the play short ice by juan shamsul alam...and Ana reynoso recieved a star from 52 People for Progress in the Bronx.. we Just fished filming Gallery, Jamming and Junkie's Paradise a trilogy by mr. Juan Shamsul Alam......

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Trilogy House Of Pain, La Nena, Fuego And Extremes  | Open: 11/16/09 Close: 11/16/09
 house of pain women with emotional problems is the catalyst to this nena deals with an old man's demones of the past. fuego the story of a man who suffers with bipola. extremes the story of a couple trying to survive in the concrete jungle of new york city. All four plays were writen by award wining playwright Juan Shamsul Alam. starring Angel Caban, Ana reynoso and santo alam .....november 16 at 107 sulfolf street....7 alam is a published writer with arte publico press, penquin books, northeatern press...