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Two From the Aisle Productions, LLC
Producing Modern Classics

Audiences should feel like they're walking away
with an experience they can remember and hold
on to for years to come.

The power of theatre is the power to
illuminate -- to show us, live, what we
may not be able to see.

A modern classic is not only a story that
will strike a chord, but a story that will
change the way we view the world.

Schedule of Upcoming Productions

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Production History

Disillusioned  | Open: 10/07/09 Close: 10/25/09
The play is about a young girl named Jane, who hides in shadows and acts blind to combat stage fright. Through the play she does magic shows with Bernie, a magician who is her mentor and tries to teach her the secrets of his magic tricks. She, however, continues to act blind to keep the world away, until the act becomes reality.