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Production of Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance drama.

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Iphigenia in Tauris  | Open: 08/26/09 Close: 09/05/09
The play begins with Iphigenia telling the background to her story. She is Agamemnon's daughter, supposedly sacrificed by him. But, explains Iphigenia, Artemis replaced her with a deer and whisked her away to Tauris (present day Crimea) to serve as her High Priestess, primarily a matter of sacrificing foreigners. Iphigenia has had an ominous dream suggesting to her the death of her brother Orestes, who killed his mother Clytemnestra to avenge her murder of the father Agamemnon when he returned from the Trojan War.
Orestes and his friend Pylades have just arrived on shore; Apollo has sent him here to steal Artemis' statue and bring it to Attica. The captives are brought to Iphigenia and a tense exchange ensues -- neither sibling knows the identity of the other at first. During their conversation it emerges that she indeed is Iphigenia and Orestes reveals his identity.

Iphigenia want to help Orestes and to leave this place. She proposes a way to trick the King of Tauris, so they can all escape. Iphigenia, Orestes, and Pylades make their escape to sea. The other maidens delay the soldier's ability to report the news to the King. When he does, the goddess Athena appears, and explain that it is her will that the captives return to Greece. King Thoas accepts the changes, unwilling to defy a god.