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Seal Songs  | Open: 07/13/09 Close: 07/31/09

A semi-finalist in the 33rd Annual Samuel French Short Play (2008) Festival, Jennifer Fell Hayes’s Seal Song was so well received by audiences that she created a equally charming companion play in collaboration with cast and director. Both plays, now under the heading Seal Songs explore the themes of transformation and the sea. In the first play, Deep Water a sheltered English spinster mourning the recent loss of her mother finds the promise of new love with a local handyman who has also suffered profound loss. In the second play, Overboard which takes place 30 years later, an abandoned husband now living in the house by the English seaside that once belonged to the spinster, learns to put his life back together when he rescues a mysterious woman from (what he believes to be) a shipwreck. Top flight Equity actors, Katie Atcheson and Richard Kent Green are featured in the production.