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American International Theater, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the idea that theater can be both entertaining and educational. We produce plays, musical, and dance events that leave people thinking well after the performance is over. Our goal with each performance is to stimulate discussion and encourage further exploration of a topic.

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Pound: The Poet On Trial  | Open: 07/20/09 Close: 07/26/09
The poet Ezra Pound was a key figure in the birth of modernism at the start of the twentieth century, and an active proponent of the Social Credit economic movement during the depression. Leading up to and during World War II he made radio broadcasts from Italy that were offensive and unpatriotic. He was charged with treason, but ultimately the government avoided a trial by locking him in an insane asylum for twelve years instead. This play gives Ezra Pound the trial that he never had, with the audience as the jury. Ultimately, the play explores the boundaries of free speech in the area between art and politics. You’ll love him, and you’ll hate him, but will you vote to hang him?

Jeff Berg stars as Ezra Pound and six other characters.