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Todays Date: 06/26/22
Last Update: 07/04/09 02:14:00 AM
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Our purpose is to form a company of diverse talents within the dramatic and media community who work together to enrich the lives of our audiences by showing original works and bringing new life to those of the past.

It is every artist's dream to produce work on their terms. To have the ability to write, act, direct, costume, or design what they want, how they want, when they want. The ambition is to get above the rat race of the entertainment industry and the red tape and physically do something creative and innovative. Something worthwhile.

Our hope is that we can inspire our community, as well as ourselves, to enhance and enjoy the theatre experience in such a way that people will once again become excited about the art and attain a better understanding of the human condition


Schedule of Upcoming Productions

No New Productions Scheduled

Production History

The McCarthy Account  | Open: 08/14/09 Close: 08/15/09
Wind Up Productions Presents: The Best Comedians You've Never Heard Of!  | Open: 07/24/09 Close: 07/24/09
A night of stand up comedy featuring some of the best comics New York has to offer!

Jay Abbondanza (BET, Jay and Not So Silent Bob Comedy Tour, Caroline's)

Andy Kleiman (Nat'l Lampoons College Comedy, various clubs around the city, Bacivo Nuggets Sketch Comedy)
Bob Bazer (Various clubs around the city, Jay and Not So Silent Bob Comedy Tour)
Nate Bargatze (CMT, Late Night with Conan O'Brein, Live at Gotham)
Cody Hess (The Comedy Cellar, various clubs around the city)
Barry Rothbart (The Straightmen, Stand Up New York, various clubs around the city)