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The Imaginary Invalid  | Open: 07/23/09 Close: 08/02/09
“A hilarious take on the timeless classic… it would be a mistake for anyone that loves a good laugh to miss it.”
--R.W. Browne, LIC Times, THE CHEAP SEATS

“[Matthew A.J. Gregory’s] version of The Imaginary Invalid is Molière updated… the bedside circus surrounding Argan, a man with a mysterious illness, is truly big top–worthy.”
--Ronni Reich, BackStage

THE IMAGINARY INVALID is the perfect send-up of our nation’s beleaguered healthcare system and the cure for the affliction from which we all suffer: A malnourished sense of humor!

After a wildly popular presentation was cut short ironically due to illness, Deadline Productions is triumphantly remounting this new adaptation of Molière’s THE IMAGINARY INVALID in Manhattan’s The Cell Theatre this summer.

A contemporary re-imagining of Molière’s last play, this production satirizes today’s pill-popping culture and profit-driven health care system. The play takes place in a swank Manhattan loft apartment, awash with art that’s now overflowing with pill bottles, bed pans and medical paraphernalia. The original musical interludes in the play are now replaced by faux pharmaceutical commercials which promote questionable drug treatments and their unpleasant side effects.

The story revolves around Argan, a wealthy and eccentric hypochondriac, who is plagued by a gold-digging wife, an insolent maid, a rebellious young daughter and an infestation of drug-peddling, incompetent doctors. Argan is actually in fine health but is so doped up that the side effects alone have him convinced that he is dying. Through a series of hilarious tricks and outrageous disguises, Argan’s fast-talking maid and exasperated brother work furiously to cure Argan of his true malady: his doctors are the real disease.

ARGAN - Jeremy Lawrence*
TOINETTE - Tiffany Denise Turner
BELINDA - Cate Bottiglione
ANGELIQUE - Christen Gee
LOUISE - Taryn Turney
BARRY - Travis Stroessenreuther*
CLAY - Matthew Schatz*
DR. PURGON - Kirsten Anderson
DR. DIAFOIRUS - Sheila Jones
THOMAS - Kyle Haggerty
MS. FLEURANT - Hailey McCarty
*denotes actors appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association.

Artistic Staff and Crew:
Matthew A.J. Gregory – Producer, Director, Co-adaptor
Greg Tito – Producer and Co-adaptor
Chris Harcum – Co-adaptor
Shira Gregory – Co-adaptor
Katy Moore – Production Stage Manager
Justin Couchara – Scenic Designer
Natalie Robin – Lighting Designer
Mary C. Hunt – Costume Designer