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Classically Skewed: Three Comedy One-acts  | Open: 07/09/09 Close: 07/19/09
Chekhov’s The Bear, and original works Shakespeare Lives! and Mayor Eddie P. Rex will be performed as Classically Skewed for two weekends in July. The hilarious evening is based on a love for the classics - followed closely by a desire to give the classics a wet willy, purple nurple, or possibly a swirly - illiterately speaking of course. We only play because we love!

The Bear: Written by Anton Chekhov. Directed by Karen Raphaeli. The classic Russian comedy that plays with the minimal distance between anger and passion; between wanting to fight and wanting to... do something else. Starring Doug Rossi, Abe Lebovic, and Melissa Villain.

Shakespeare Lives!: Written by Brett Hursey. Directed by Marielle Duke. An unsuspecting actress is tossed into a bizarre audition with a director who wants to “drag Shakespeare out of his moldy old grave” and give him a “cutting edge.” It’s Avant-Garde for the Avant-Bard. There might even be a sock puppet involved. Starring Megan Melnyk, Thomas Rowen, Megan McKenna, and Kris Mordecai.

Mayor Eddie P. Rex: Written by Melissa Faye Villain. Directed by Shauna Horn. An interpretation of Sophocles' Oedipus Rex; loose, modern, and set on a day-time talk show. The Sophie Cleese show, specifically. Starring Sarah Chemerys, Michael Sadler, Christine D’Amato, Tom Lacey, Hailey McCarty, and Kris Mordecai.