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ULU Theatre Collective is a theatre/film independent artist collective, founded in 2008, with a mission to create art that is not only fun, innovative, and entertaining but also helps to inspire social change. An ULU is an all purpose knife and a tool passed down from generation to generation because it was believed that an ancestor’s knowledge was contained within the ULU and thus would also be passed on. Much like this tool, throughout history, stories have been the greatest tool for teaching and passing down knowledge from one generation to the next and thus why we chose the name for our company.


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Pizza Man  | Open: 07/19/09 Close: 07/31/09
 Sex. Love. Pizza. How far would you go for a slice?

Begin with one woman on the verge of a late-twenties breakdown, whisk in a neurotic roommate; pepper with broken hearts. Knead in one cocky pizza man, bake at 400 degrees and watch the hilarity sizzle in this laugh out loud dark comedy by Darlene Craviotto.