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Originally named the DeBaun Players, The Theater Company (TTC) is based in Hoboken, NJ, and has been presenting plays since 2000. TTC's mission is to produce theatrical productions that are accessible to people of every age, involving a diverse group of people on stage and off. The Theater Company has amassed years of theater experience in both the professional and community realms. Their goal is to combine professionals, community members, students and children in productions so everyone can learn from each other and benefit from each other’s experiences. In June 2007, TTC was awarded Associate Membership with the New Jersey Theatre Alliance - a consortium of professional, not-for-profit theatres in New Jersey that holds the unique position of being the only statewide arts service organization focused solely on professional theater. Additionally, the company is also a founding member of the Hudson County Theatre Alliance.

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Bartholomew Fair, Nj  | Open: 07/17/09 Close: 07/28/09
Ladies and gentlemen, what could be worse
than sixty-eight minutes of nothing but verse?

Set in New Jersey in 1985, our tale follows John & Win Littlewit as they venture to the fair to see an all-sock production of Romeo & Juliet — “the puppet adaptation of our time.” Populated by more than 20 quirky characters — including Win’s moral mother, a tricky teamster and a naked messenger named Wasp — Bartholomew Fair, NJ is a blast and a blast from the past.

Bartholomew Fair, NJ is written and directed by Billy Mitchell and features: Philip Corso, Leticia Diaz, Mark Dunn, Benjamin Holmes, Courtney Kochuba.