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Drop N Go Productions is a group of artists passionately committed to seeking the truth through expression. Our goal is to create work for those who are yearning for their opportunity to make the arts a part of their everyday life. We look to embrace those who deserve to be recognized, but have not yet received the proper recognition. Our focus is to advance the growth of our members and support self-exploration through the production of ambitious, innovative and thought-provoking theater. We strive to empower and nurture our artists, as we create performances that not only move and challenge ourselves, but also our audience.

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"all Those Violent Sweaters" & "the Most Massive Woman Wins  | Open: 06/17/09 Close: 06/21/09
Madeleine George's "The Most Massive Woman Wins" is set in the waiting room of a liposuction clinic, four women preparing to undergo surgery come to find waiting is the hardest part. Each woman's story speaks to the core of our personal feelings of inadequacy and asks why we punish ourselves for our imperfections.

"All Those Violent Sweaters" plays with our sense of memory and nostalgia. Is it possible to recall things truthfully when our memories are always affected by our emotions? As Edith looks back on Patti-Jo, her best friend from high school, the past dissolves until she can no longer separate fact from fiction. Melodrama and hysteria override the memory, and the emotional life of an adolescent girl takes over. Edith is plunged into an upside-down landscape of romance novels, Olan Mills portraits, and the boredom of living in 1980's small town America. Ultimately Edith will have to decide which is more important; what actually happened between the two girls or how it feels after all these years?