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"Sure Thing" and "Variations on the Death of Trotsky"  | Open: 02/24/07 Close: 02/27/07
Enjoy the entertaining style of David Ives with his two one-act plays, "Sure Thing" and "Variations on the Death of Trotsky". Relationships, romance and history are explored through Ives' undeniable flair for comedy, and the use of a single ringing bell. It is an evening of theater with something for everyone!
Dark Nights  | Open: 02/15/05 Close: 02/23/05
Magic acts, cabaret, dance, new plays – a chance to watch artists explore new ideas and styles on stage
Day  | Open: 04/11/06 Close: 04/22/06
An exciting program of new 10 minute plays. Eight talented emerging playwrights were commissioned to write a new piece based on one 3-hour period of the day. They were then paired up with eight thrilling young directors and given two weeks to cast, develop, and rehearse. Performed all together, the plays will encompass one 24-hour day. These eclectic new works – from the realistic to the fantastical, the serious to the absurd, including a new musical and an appearance by Fidel Castro, prove that a lot can happen in a DAY.

Curated by Michael Lew and Christopher Maring, the Dark Nights Series features everything from magic acts to dance, from new plays to cabaret. The Dark Nights Series is developmental, experimental, and just plain mental!

Iron Curtain  | Open: 04/08/06 Close: 04/30/06
An uproarious musical comedy set during Broadway's Golden Age of the 1950's, Iron Curtain follows the adventures of an unsuccessful composer / lyricist team as they are kidnapped by the KGB and taken to the USSR to ghost-write communist propaganda musicals, where they are forced to choose between the fame they yearn for and the freedom they have lost.
Lonely Rhymes  | Open: 09/24/05 Close: 09/27/05
A musical revue in Concert Staging, a partner event of the New York Musical Theatre Festival
Ophelia: opera in blue  | Open: 05/05/07 Close: 05/08/07
Shakespeare's tragic heroine roars into her own in Sergei Dreznin's gutsy reinvention of Hamlet. More than just a daughter, a sister, or a lover, Ophelia refuses to be bound by her place in the lives of men. Fusing grotesque absurdism, humor, and sweeping, virtuosic music – inspired by Kurt Weill – Ophelia explores the famous tale of Denmark's prince from a troubling new perspective. Amidst a looming bathtub and 5-piece jazz ensemble, this 40-minute musical epic works to unlock the mystery of Ophelia's madness.

Prospect Theater Company is thrilled to present the New York première of Ophelia: opera in blue as part of its Dark Night Series at the Hudson Guild Theatre. The American première of Ophelia opened at the Yale Cabaret in New Haven, Connecticut in 2004. Previous European performances of Ophelia's score include the Roter Engel in Vienna and the Moscow Chamber Opera. Sergei Dreznin ( is well-renowned for his unusual interpretations and new versions of classic piano works, his highly original approach to music-theater, and his long-time collaboration with violinist Gidon Kremer. His innovative music-theatre works, particularly In Memoriam of September 11, have been covered in the Washington Post, Miami Herald, Baltimore Sun, Newsday, Moscow Times, and USA Today, as well as on CNN, Indonesian Television, and the BBC.

May Adrales received her MFA from the Yale School of Drama and directed the American première of Ophelia at the Yale Cabaret, of which she was Artistic Director from 2004-2005. May is a recipient of the Van Lier Fellowship at Second Stage Theatre and of the New York Theatre Workshop Directing Fellowship. She is also a Drama League Directing Fellow, a member of the Women's Project Lab, and a member of the SoHo Rep Writers/Directors Lab.

Ophelia features an ensemble of four, including David Matranga*, Ben Beckley, Lucas Howland*, and Marisa Michelson in the title role. The on-stage jazz ensemble is led by Mike Pettry ( The creative team also includes designers Kanae Heike and Kate Cusack. [* Appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity.]

The Flood  | Open: 10/21/06 Close: 11/19/06
Originally workshopped by the company in 2001, this season, Prospect returns to Meyerville, Illinois and one community's struggle against the rising tide of the Mississippi River that would wipe it off the map. The events of the past five years have only added to the resonance of this epic story, which documents the catastrophic floods in the Midwest during the summer of 1993. Mythic and moving, with a stirring score and deeply American characters, The Flood looks for meaning in cycles of devastation and rebirth, and finds that even in the wake of tragedy there are things that float.
The Pursuit of Persephone  | Open: 04/30/05 Close: 05/22/05
The musical follows the college romance between Fitzgerald and debutante Ginevra King, who is reputedly the model for GATSBY's Daisy Buchanan.
The Tutor  | Open: 09/10/05 Close: 10/02/05
An award-winning new musical that's way more laughs than taking the S.A.T.

With a winning mix of clever wit and surprising warmth, The Tutor tells a fresh, funny, contemporary tale of romance, art, and what it really takes to get into Princeton. When a struggling young novelist takes a job tutoring a sullen Manhattan girl, he thinks he's just out for quick cash. But when the characters in his novel start to come to life, and his teenage pupil begins to open up, his life takes a surprising turn. This award-winning musical offers inventive, memorable music, vibrant characters, and way more laughs than taking the S.A.T.!

The Uses Of Enchantment  | Open: 02/26/05 Close: 03/05/05
Four fairy tales re-told for adults (A workshop production)
UNBOUND: The Journals of Fanny Kemble  | Open: 02/12/05 Close: 03/06/05
Fanny Kemble was the most celebrated woman of the 19th Century stage, but gave it all up to marry a Philadelphia aristocrat. She thought as little as she could about his family's vast slave plantation in Georgia. Then she found out that she'd be moving there...
Working  | Open: 12/01/12 Close: 12/30/12
'A spirited, life-affirming production!'
Chicago Sun Times 

'100 uninterrupted minutes of buoyant pleasure!'

Six extraordinary actors embody thirty-six everyday Americans in this tuneful act of job creation! Don't miss the NYC premiere of this newly-revised version of Working, directed by Gordon Greenberg.  Based on Studs Terkel's famous 1974 book of interviews, this critically-acclaimed musical features well-loved songs by Craig Carnelia, Micki Grant, Mary Rodgers and Susan Birkenhead, Stephen Schwartz, and James Taylor as well as two brand-new songs from Tony Award-winner Lin-Manuel Miranda (In the Heights). 


gregslist: the musical  | Open: 05/12/07 Close: 05/15/07
Greg has been fired from his job, kicked out by his roommate, and dumped by his girlfriend. America's one stop internet shop solves all the problems! Join Greg as he clicks into the bustling online community of Missed Connections, Job Postings, and Rants and Raves. You'll never look at want ads the same again!