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 We are a community based theatrical group that produces plays and events so that actors and other performers can hone and sharpen their skills as well as creating productions that are relative to our community life. We promise to entertain with all genres of the performing arts. We will empower those who need that extra encouragement and push to succeed in this industry. Dream and Rise Above.

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Production History

A Woman's Worth  | Open: 12/05/09 Close: 12/06/09
a woman's worth is  a play about women's issues in relation to family, friends, and the unusual hurdles that life presents. Six women who were in high school together, share their experiences about the joys, pains, love, disappointments, and triumphs of their lives. The men play a very important part in many different ways.

The Romance  | Open: 06/11/09 Close: 06/11/09
BAB'S Theatrical Productions presents, "The Romance" a romantic play performed on Thur. June 11th at The Producer's Club 358 West 44th st. Showtime is $20

Taking a contemporary spin on the Shakespearean classic Romeo & Juliet, The Romance is a romantic comedy that tells the tale of love, social class, and acceptance that entwines a man and a woman from two different worlds. Twenty four year old Cynthia Miller is living life in upscale Central Park West while the love of her life twenty six year old Jacob lives and toils in Harlem. But when her family threatens to break them up, will their love sustain the relationship? How much family objection is too much for a relationship to handle?
Mr. Miller, a bank president and Mrs. Miller a district office superintendent go out of their way to sabotage the relationship. Also contending with the interference of the Miller family is Jacob’s sister Jenise’s dislike for Cynthia. Jacob is torn between his love for Cynthia and their social and economic differences.



Three Women, Three Men  | Open: 03/01/13 Close: 03/01/13
The Battle of the Sexes. Three Women Three Men is about relationships that deal with the ups and downs that couples may experience while trying to communicate. stick together, and make it work. They decide to settle whatever differences they have in court.