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Counting Squares Theatre is a grass roots ensemble company that serves to create theatre to both entertain and reflect the issues, struggles, and joys of our community. Our primary task is to find new works and reconstruct classic pieces that reflect the human condition. We celebrate, through performance, the delicate balance of human relationships and aspire to the creation of theatre as an art form. Through the integration of ideas from all our company members we aim to provide accessible theatre to our audiences. We believe in magic; and that sometimes a chair and an actor is all the smoke and mirrors you need.

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Bigger Than I  | Open: 06/04/09 Close: 06/20/09
With the popularity of confessional websites, blog culture, and the advent of the technology age, Counting Squares Theatre examines the cause and effect of our increasingly stark interpersonal relationships. Counting Squares asks the question; why can’t we deal with each other and really be ourselves out in the open, through a variety of fast paced scenes that include many different forms of performance? Through the use of scene work, song, dance, and multimedia we expose how our inner secrets cause our outward fears.

The creation of Counting Squares Theatre’s Second Annual Devised Project, BIGGER THAN I, came from a study of the cultural phenomenon that is anonymous online confessionals. As an arts collective we began exploring these various websites and the array of secrets people divulge therein. Many of the topics anonymously expressed inspired discussions of our society as a whole, as well as ourselves as individuals. Why do we keep secrets? Why is it that we feel the need to divulge our secrets? What are the effects of such actions? Is it to selfish ends that these feelings are borne into? Or is there more to the story? We slowly began writing pieces that we felt encapsulated the feelings of these confessions, while continuously discussing the ramifications of keeping secrets from those we love. We have created, from the ground up, a piece which examines secrets, confessions and interpersonal relationships.

BIGGER THAN I will feature Mikey Barringer, Edward Davis, Matthew Greenbaum*, Dena Kology Ryan Nicholoff, and Chris Worley. *Appearing courtesy of The Actors’ Equity Association