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Just ASK Productions is the brainchild theater company of executive artistic directors P. Case Aiken III, Adam Samtur, and Matthew Kagen. Founded in the summer of 2008, Just ASK Productions aims to produce original scripts for a downtown New York audience.

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Production History

Anyone For A Classy Threesome?:
a Night Of Multimedia Adaptations
 | Open: 01/25/10 Close: 02/16/10
Using various forms of media (film, radio, song/dance), Anyone for a Classy Threesome? brings together three short tales based off of classical works of literature. Starting off with Spinner Spirits Presents Showpiece Theater Starring Rex McDeevit, a radio play version of Othello, then moving into 1,001 Peorian Nights based off the famous Arabian tales, and ending with an ethereal symbolist spin-off of Dante's Inferno entitled Song Five, Circle Two, the night has something to offer everyone, from old-time radio junkies to dance theatre fans. Brought to you by the folks at Just ASK Productions, the 90-minute show will draw you in with all the sights, sounds, and spectacle a modern day audience can desire.

Spinner Spirits Presents Showpiece Theater Starring Rex McDeevit
Written by P. Case Aiken III
Directed by Adam Samtur
Adapted from Shakespeare’s Othello

1,001 Peorian Nights
Written by Adam Samtur
Directed by Matthew Kagen
Adapted from 1,001 Arabian Nights

Song Five, Circle Two
Written by Matthew Kagen
Directed by P. Case Aiken III
Adapted from Dante’s Inferno

Anyone for a Swingin' Threesome?  | Open: 12/06/10 Close: 12/21/10

Just ASK Productions presents its fourth full-length work, Anyone For A Swingin’ Threesome?, a 90 minute whirlwind of three comedic short plays by Just ASK-commissioned playwrights Duncan Pflaster (Starship Astrov), Will Lacker (The Custodian), and Dan Via (Daddy The Play). Pflaster's Questions of the Queenpresents a world where a vapid socialite rules with an iron fist until a brave subject speaks the truth.  Lacker's Trials follows a mad scientist's attempts to use his time machine to prevent his impending break up. Via's Park Slope Cassouletexamines cultural warfare and hypocrisy, as an entrenched couple takes a mounting gentrification problem too far.

What('s) Happen(s)(ed)(ing) In The Elevator...  | Open: 05/23/09 Close: 06/15/09
Cities impose unusual social situations. On one hand, people are working and living on top of each other. On the other, citizens from every neighborhood tend to be united in their sense of loneliness. In this full-length production, a former adult entertainer, an outsider with no memory, and a struggling immigrant grasp for a sense of purpose and identity; their lives are unknowingly intertwined until one fateful ride in an elevator…