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Another Life  | Open: 03/28/13 Close: 04/21/13

A surreal romp highlighting the US torture policy through the post 9-11 decade
An out-sized mogul (George Bartenieff) controls, cashes-in, and is undone in the only American play about the U.S. torture program.  It is a challenge to the legacy of torture.  

The Painters Project  | Open: 05/21/09 Close: 05/30/09
An evening of short plays by seven performers about seven famous artists: Van Gogh, Magritte, Klimt, Dali, Hopper, Bacon and Pollock.  Written and performed by Tristan Grigsby, Guen Donahue, Mauro Bossi, Sophia Remolde, Dinh Doan, Dara O’Brien, David Shih