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Founded in 1991, Alternative Theatre Company produces innovative, original theatrical productions and special events that engage an audience in a conversation relating to specific feelings and messages reflecting the gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-gender community. 

With the world now immersed in visual and interactive media, the performing arts have perhaps never been more relevant in communication. Dramatic productions can powerfully communicate diversity, faith, compassion, understanding and acceptance across barriers of age, race, orientation, culture, language and prejudice in a way few other mediums can. 

Theatre not only communicates ideas, but also demonstrates them, touching the audience's mind and heart. That is and will always be our mission. 

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Production History

A Night In Vegas  | Open: 05/27/10 Close: 06/30/10
Set in the gayest hotel on the Vegas strip, Joe Marshall’s award-winning comedy A Night in Vegas is a raucous comedythat features six vignettes that cover everything from male prostitutes to anonymous sex, to gay marriage with bickering deaf and blind guys in between.   A Night in Vegas was awarded the AriZoni Award for Best Original Script and Best Overall Production and NUVO, Indy’s Alternative Voice raved “Vegas will make you laugh!” and has called Marshall’s writing “adept at creative sitcom-style situations and at writing one-liners!” for his last NY production The Gayest Christmas Pageant Ever!


The cast includes: Daniel Bak, Jonathan Craig,  Edy Escamilla, Joe Fanelli, Ali Grieb, Denis Hawkins, Scott Lilly, Nicholas Pierro, Gerald Prosser Jr., Bill Purdy, Kelly Riley, Jason Romas, Drew Stark, Chris von Hoffman. Creative team includes: Casper De la Torre (Lighting and Set Designer) and Seth Gamble (Costume Designer).

Dirty Secrets  | Open: 06/04/09 Close: 06/21/09
DIRTY SECRETS is a smart, gender-bent thriller that pokes fun at brainless gay stereotypes while addressing the controversial subject of monogamy in gay relationships. Right from the opening scene you know you're watching a play about homosexuals. Instead of boring us with platitudes about the evils of pigeonholing people, the characters skewer stereotypes by spouting earnest lines like, "You don't act gay -- you're masculine!" It's all about Tom, who shows up at the home of Nick and Shane, a gay couple who live in Manhattan. Tom is depressed because he's just discovered that his lover of eight years has had sex with another man. It turns out that the distraught Tom has come to torture Shane, and it's the ways in which he carries out his revenge -- first demanding sex with Shane, later seducing Nick -- that move the play along. He has a worthy opponent in the snaky Shane, who trumps Tom's attempts at blackmail, but can't keep up with his nasty houseguest's vile temper. 

Warning: Contains brief male nudity. 

- Matt Weaver as Shane
- Jason Romas as Nick
- Bernard Burlew as Tom 
- Brian Pelaccio as Mormon Boy