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Last Update: 04/29/09 06:01:03 PM
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Hip Obscurity is a theater company exploring issues of gender, sexuality and self-identity as lived in the everyday. We seek to confound the commonly-held belief that these issues are obscure or outside the average experience. By exploring new works as well as established texts, we hope to create a collaborative environment for our audience and fellow artists in which we can explore, subvert, and confront these issues.

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Production History

Maybe, Tomorrow (an Experiment In Love And Chance Encounters)  | Open: 04/23/09 Close: 05/03/09
Three couples - three directors - one text.

Maybe, Tomorrow traces the line between requited love and unrequited desires. Two people caught in a perpetual spiral of words unsaid struggle to come to terms with themselves and their feelings. Is love an attack or an embrace? A shield or a weapon? With three different visions of love and relationships within three different gender-pairings, this dynamic production confronts what the action of love stands for and the consequences that occur in its wake.

Same words, three different stories