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Founded in 2008 by Jolie Curtsinger and Laurie Schaefer, InProximity produces New York premieres, new works, and contemporary classics with honesty and directness.  Focusing on gripping, modern stories, InProximity develops contemporary works for a unique and intimate theatrical experience. InProximity is committed to bringing together teams of talented actors, writers, directors, and designers and to creating a home for honest, contemporary theater in New York.

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Production History

Navy Pier  | Open: 05/05/11 Close: 05/22/11

NAVY PIER focuses on four characters and interweaves their stories, told in intersecting monologues and flashbacks.  It tells the story of Martin and Kurt, college friends and aspiring writers; and Liv and Iris, the women in their lives.  All must navigate rocky waters when the mens' personal and professional lives collide.   This one-act play, running around 90-minutes, takes audiences along on their painful and poignant journey to find their own voice.

Orange Flower Water  | Open: 05/14/09 Close: 05/31/09
ORANGE FLOWER WATER tells the story of David and Cathy Larson and Brad and Beth Younquist who live with their children in the relatively peaceful town of Pine City, Minnesota.  David and Beth, after years of maintaining a platonic friendship, begin an adulterous affair with disastrous consequences.  Through a series of scenes which all take place around a single bed, we see the painfully intense unraveling of both marriages and, eventually, the construction of a very fragile but authentic new beginning for everyone concerned.

Sight Unseen  | Open: 09/23/10 Close: 10/10/10
  Jonathan Waxman is the artist as superstar, plunged into the exorbitant hype of the American art world. Just before his works are celebrated at an exhibition in London, he journeys to the village where his former lover, Patricia, lives with her British husband, Nick. In their cold, remote house, Jonathan discovers an early painting of Patricia he'd done when they were young lovers. The subsequent struggle for the painting embodies the unreconciled passions of the past. Patricia has never forgiven Jonathan for leaving her, Nick despises Jonathan and the kind of art he produces, and Jonathan has never been able to recapture the inspiration and purity he felt when he painted Patricia. The characters are forced to deal with the unanswerable question of anti-Semitism, the legacy of the Holocaust and assimilation, the sadness of lost love, the role of the artist and the location of the human soul.

The Maiden's Prayer  | Open: 10/01/09 Close: 10/18/09
THE MAIDEN’S PRAYER opens at the wedding of Taylor and Cynthia. Libby, Cynthia’s hard-drinking sister is in love with Taylor herself and she can take it no longer. Libby then meets Taylor’s best friend, Paul, who, since childhood, has harbored a secret love for the groom himself. As Libby and Paul are forced to deal with unrequited love, their lives change dramatically. Paul finds himself pursued by a young man, Andrew, who seems at first less interested in true love than in available real estate. THE MAIDEN’S PRAYER follows this quintet as they struggle to learn the difference between loving someone and needing them.