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The Awakening  | Open: 07/07/10 Close: 07/18/10

Ayla has lived half of her life as an outsider blaming herself for a tragic accident at sea.


She has never been free from the effects of this trauma until she starts working at a clinic and gets to know the people there.  As Ayla's story unfolds It's impossible not to root for this endearing heroine.


The play reveals the lighter side of despair and self-doubt while satirizing what it means to grow up.

F e a t u r i n g:

Gabriela Marcus, Sandra Coelho, Jo Anne Sellers, Rachel Loebs, Maria Smith, Bill Drain, Joe Carr, Michael Livingston, Jon Vane, Edward Snyder, Donna Stearns, Alexandra Hynes, Katherine Scott, Victoria Weinberg, Clinton Schreck, Alex Levi-Gardes, Joe McKernan

The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon  | Open: 10/31/12 Close: 11/04/12
The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm come to life and are turned on their heads as we combine all 209 stories! From Repunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella to Snow White and The Frog Prince, Hansel and Gretel and The Girl with No Hands; this funfilled and fast paced comedy thrill ride is great for the whole family!

Ann Van Gieson, Bob Brown, Celeste Sexton, Christina Theodoro, David Woodrow, Diaka Kaba, Jaclyn Montgomery, Janice Bishop, Jennifer Plotzke, Joe Carr, Kate MacLauchlan, Lynzie Reed, Mark Solari, Morgana Watson, Nathanael Vaky, Rachel Loebs, Roberta Kirshbaum, Steve Lefstein

The Choice One-act Festival  | Open: 03/23/11 Close: 03/27/11
The Complete Theatre Company presents The Choice One-Act Festival; which opens on March 23rd at 8:00 p.m. The evening offers a fun and unique range of works. Company actors take part in this diverse and highly theatrical exploration.  The Choice One-Act Festival celebrates and supports the achievement of emerging playwrights and directors.


The Ex, Written by Chris Fitz, Directed by Mary Birnbaum

City Life, Written by Elyse Nass, Directed by Stacee White

The Field, Written by Rachel Barclay, Directed by Ronald Grimshaw

Impotence, Written by Jeannie Hart, Directed by Michael Tartaglia

Final Destination, Written by Bryan Bradford, Directed by Alexander Casasnovas

Up and Down, Written by Peter Turo, Directed by Dina Vovsi

One Small Thing, Written by Travis W. Williams, Directed by Martin Peacock

An Impossible Love, Written by Tom Jensen, Directed by Natalie Glick

Cast: Adam Lebowitz-Lockard, Alexandra Hynes, Andrew Houlihan, Ashley Hamilton, Cassie Fireman, Christian Caldwell, Edward Snyder, Janice Bishop, Jarrod Luke, Jennifer Onvie, Joe Carr, John Mulcahy, Julie O’Neill, Leo Dority, Maria Smith, Martin Cohen, Melissa Smith, Michael Griffiths, Michael Livingston, Paul Davee, Rachel Johanson, Starsha Schiller, Renee Petrofes

Crew: Katherine Scott, Lauren Hennessy, Noelle Fair, Rachel Loebs, Victoria Weinberg

Producer: Annie Ward




About the Company: The Complete Theatre Company

The Complete Theatre Company is open to all styles and approaches that help the members reach their full potential.

Our philosophy is that 'we learn by doing.'

We believe that a well-functioning community is vital to the development of talent and an excellent theatrical experience.

Just as great individuals make for great groups, so great groups make for great individuals.

Our company is dedicated to artistic self-expression and creative interactivity.


The Complete Mixed Bag Show  | Open: 05/28/09 Close: 05/30/09
The Complete Mixed Bag Show

A two-act variety showcase composed of original music, dance, poetry, comedy & drama.  Featuring an assortment of entertaining material written and performed by members of The Complete Theatre Company.

$20 Includes 1 Drink

Members of The Complete Theatre Company are:

Amanda Sawyer, Marvin Telp, Robin Barnier, Jessie Losch, George Brand, Susan Burns, Charley Young, Casey Pratt, Dawn Rene Fowler, Daniel Morales, Carly Howard, Rachel Palmer Jones, Leo Fenwick, Tabitha Boulding, Gabe Gooley, Jared Roberts, Bruce Colbert, Janice Bishop, Samantha Alicea, Elyse Brandau & Michael Arena 

Directed & Produced by Annie Ward

Thursday, May 28th @ 8:00 p.m., Friday, May 29thth @ 8:00 p.m., Saturday, May 30th @ 8:00 p.m.

The Original One-Act Festival  | Open: 01/07/10 Close: 01/10/10

The Complete Theatre Company presents its first annual festival of one-act plays; which opens on January 7th at 8:00 p.m.  The line-up offers a diverse and unique range of one-acts produced to captivate and entertain.  Fifteen company members takes part in this thought provoking and highly theatrical exploration.  The Original One-Act Festival was designed to support and celebrate the achievement of emerging directors and playwrights.

Run. Run. Stop.
Written by Stacy Davidowitz & Directed Cedric Hill

Simon’s Summer of Woe
Written by Alyssa Ritch & Directed by Jonathan Whitton

Written by Dave Gold & Directed by Alex Simmons

Compass Rose
Written & Directed by Michael Bell

Eastern Sparrow
Written & Directed by Susan Burns

The Match
Written & Directed by Steven Alexander

 F e a t u r i n g:

Steven Alexander, Amanda Sawyer, Susan Burns, Rachael Palmer Jones, Charles Hinshaw, Meredith Edwards, Linda Creamer, Edward Snyder, Bob Brown, Julie Allen, Cody Steigerwald, Aaron Frank, Kelly Hadous, Andrea Swenson, Alyssa Ritch & Michael Bell


Produced by Annie Ward



Winter Reading Series: Life-changing Tomatoes  | Open: 12/06/09 Close: 12/06/09
Camping in the woods at an outdoor music festival, four friends observe birds, tomatoes, and the transient nature of love.

Winter Reading Series: Servant's Sin  | Open: 12/07/09 Close: 12/07/09
At a torture tribunal in medieval Spain, an Inquisitor's daughter falls in love with a prisoner. His ultimate betrayal causes her brutal death. 500 years later, both souls will have the opportunity to make things right.