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Cockeyed Optimists strives to create theatre which examines the human condition in all of its complex absurdity.

Our optimism stems from a belief in the power of imagination and creativity as expressed through the medium of theatre against a world too often full of cynicism and negativity.

We see ourselves as cockeyed because we are drawn to material that sees the world in an unpredictable light and feel one of the best weapons in this struggle is the healthy ability to find the humor of the situation and laugh in the face of adversity.

These beliefs are at the core of who we are as an ensemble and as individual artists.

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One Thing I Like To Say Is  | Open: 04/15/09 Close: 05/03/09
A Scottish butler, a dollhouse, and a place called Nantucket that is not in Massachusetts... adult siblings cling to the rich, imaginative world they created as children to escape from the harsh realities of their upbringing. This play offers hope for everyone who has an imagination and/or a sibling.