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White Elephant  | Open: 04/24/09 Close: 05/03/09
WHITE ELEPHANT features a series of poetic vignettes about animals, people and objects transforming from one plane to another. Inspired by the true story of an unwanted, white, weathered wicker elephant whose owner tosses it onto a roaring bonfire one chilly fall night, White Elephant is brought to life through puppetry, movement, mask, super 8 film and live music.

After the wicker elephant is thrown onto the bonfire, its tightly woven pieces prove durable; glowing, intertwined embers become white fragile strings. The elephant, now as light as a feather, rises up and hovers over the fire. A sudden drop destroys its beautiful shape as well as the complex system of threads that held it together, completing the transformation from object to ash/ghost. Thus begins the journey of White Elephant, a meditation on transition, memory and release.

Performers: four puppeteers/physical storytellers: Lake Simons, Erin Orr, Luis Tentindo and Yoko Myoi alongside musician John Dyer.