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Terrible Baby Theater Co. was created in 2009 to answer all the eternal questions regarding human existence, and to support the collaborative theatrical work of Nick Jones, Rachel Shukert, and Peter James Cook. Terrible Baby is committed to being better than other theater companies and attracting as much press attention as possible. In their own right, each of the primary artists have become known for elaborate sophisticated comedy with subversive and quasi-historical inclinations, rooted in the traditions of Charles Ludlam, Joe Orton, and Jim Henson. Terrible Baby's inaugural season includes dual productions of The Colonists and The Nosemaker’s Apprentice, both at the Brick Theater, beginning in April.  

Schedule of Upcoming Productions

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Production History

The Colonists*  | Open: 04/25/09 Close: 05/24/09
The Colonists is a lyrical visual fantasy, in which audiences are invited to enter the alien world of the bee. Developed in Bangkok by Nick Jones and Raja Azar, co-creators of the hit show Jollyship the Whiz-Bang, and developed through a Children's Show Grant by the Jim Henson Foundation, The Colonists tells the story of a forest community, overrun by a strange insect force they can't understand. Using electricified puppets, small-scale pyrotechnics and the music of Shooby Taylor the Human Horn, among others, The Colonists is a rite of spring to delight children and adults alike.

The Nosemaker's Apprentice:
Chronicles Of A Medieval Plastic Surgeon
 | Open: 04/24/09 Close: 05/23/09
A young girl asks her father, where do plastic surgeons come from? What follows is a fantastical romp through pre-civilized Europe, and the medieval art and science of nosemaking. Our hero is Gavin, a young orphan rescued from a dismal existence in the Ivanhoe Workhouse for Criminally Impoverished Boys when he is apprenticed with the local Nosemaker, and eventually becomes one of the finest surgeons in Vienna, cradle of quack medicine. Using innovative skin grafting techniques and cutting edge alchemy, Gavin and his master seek only to do the Work of the Almighty by restoring small appendages lost to rat bites, dueling, and syphilis. But when they are unable to help a powerful and mutilated knight recently returned from the crusades, they find their feet over the fire...literally. Hilarious, subversive, quasi-historical, and thoroughly debauched. . . a fated collaboration between two of New York's most innovative (and troubling) young talents.