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Last Update: 03/30/09 10:40:19 AM
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Nature Theater of Oklahoma is a New York company formed under the direction of Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper. The company takes its name from the last chapter of Kafka's unfinished first novel AMERIKA.

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Production History

Rambo Solo  | Open: 03/19/09 Close: 04/21/09
Nature Theater of Oklahoma's actor Zachary Oberzan has had a deep connection with the story of "Rambo: First Blood" since he was a boy of ten. He first saw the Hollywood blockbuster during one magical weekend spent watching free HBO. He knows the story by heart - but can he navigate all the perilous twists and turns of his own obsession with it? Set in the dark heart of Zack's tiny New York studio apartment, RAMBO SOLO follows one man's private passion to its limits, as he struggles to re-enact the entire First Blood story in all its sweaty dramatic detail.

Re-inventing Soho Rep's space, RAMBO SOLO takes us into Zack's world as he attempts to create a better movie version of the book-in his 250 square foot studio apartment and with a budget of $100. Counter pointing video, audio and the actor himself, RAMBO SOLO follows Zack's mighty struggle to tell a simple story.